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Maharashtra Restores Licences Of 13,000 Bars On Highways 24t-March-2017

Attorney General's opinion on SC judgement on Liquor Ban on Highways

‘Keeping Streets Free Of Hawkers Is BMC’s Job’: Bombay High Court 27th-Feb-2017
Labour Ministry Cuts Down Number Of Registers From 56 To Just Five 24th-Feb-2017
Maha Govt Amends Key Contract Labour Law, Trade Unions Upset 13th-Feb-2017
State To Bypass SC Order On Highways 10th-Feb-2017 AHAR Hospitality
Parliament Passes Bill For Wage Payment Via Cheques, E-mode 8th-Feb-2017 AHAR Hospitality
Gurgaon's Bar And Pub Hoppers On High Alert, 34 Top-End Pubs In CyberHub May Go Dry From April 1 8th-Feb-2017 AHAR Hospitality
SC Liquor Sale Verdict: Telangana Government Tries To Let Off Star Hotels 22nd-Jan-2017 AHAR Hospitality
Country Liquor Shops In Madhya Pradesh Will Be Upgraded To Sell Foreign Liquor 20th-Jan-2017 AHAR Hospitality
Police Can’t Restrict Hotel From Functioning At Late Hours: Kerala HC 17th-Jan-2017 AHAR Hospitality
Junk Food To Become Costly If Government Clears ‘Fat Tax’ Proposal 15th-Jan-2017 AHAR Hospitality
SC Not To Extend Licenses Of Liquor Shops On State, National Highways For A Year 13th-Jan-2017 AHAR Hospitality
Telangana Government To Reclaim National State Highways 11th-Jan-2017 AHAR Hospitality
Bar Dance Not Art, It Promotes Obscenity 11th-Jan-2017 AHAR Hospitality
December 31 In Mumbai: Liquor Shops, Hotels To Remain Open Till Late Night 29th-Dec-2017 AHAR Hospitality
State Curtails New Year's Eve Liquor Parties Along Highways 29th-Dec-2016 AHAR Hospitality
No New Year Cheers For Highway Bars 23rd-Dec-2016 AHAR Hospitality
Ban On Liquor Shops Along Highways Irk Hotel Owners 21st-Dec-2016 AHAR Hospitality

Road Accidents: Speeding, Not Drunken Driving, Main Culprit

19th-Dec-2016 AHAR Hospitality
The Man Who Made Our Highways Sober 18th-Dec-2016 AHAR Hospitality

Odisha 'No' To SC Liquor Ban On National State Highways

18th-Dec-2016 AHAR Hospitality

Hoteliers: Bootlegging May Rise In Mumbai & Maharashtra

17th-Dec-2016 AHAR Hospitality

Liquor Ban on Highways Could Cost Maharashtra Rs.6,000 crore

17th-Dec-2016 AHAR Hospitality

Now, Restaurants In Maharashtra May Soon Have To Pay For Overcharging 

16th-Dec-2016 AHAR Hospitality
Food Regulator: Limit Use Of Newspapers For Packaging Food Items 9th-Dec-2016 AHAR Hospitality
Expect Huge Discounts On Food Bills And Travel 9th-Dec-2016 AHAR Hospitality
BJP MLA Accused Of Demanding Liquor From Excise Officials In Mumbai 9th-Dec-2016 AHAR Hospitality
SC Backs Govt On Removing Liquor Vends From Highways 8th-Dec-2016 AHAR Hospitality
SC To Ban Liquor Vends On Highways 8th-Dec-2016 AHAR Hospitality
Multiplex, Airport Shops Must Follow Normal MRP 1st-Dec-2016 AHAR Hospitality
Govt: Can't Levy Service Charge In Food Bills Sans Consent  30th-Nov-2016 AHAR Hospitality
Owners Wary, Three Bars Barely Operate For Fear Of Harassment 25th-Nov-2016 AHAR Hospitality
Issue Licences To Dance Bars Under Old Law, SC Tell State 25th-Nov-2016 AHAR Hospitality
Service Tax On AC Restaurants Is Unconstitutional: Kerala HC 24th-Nov-2016 AHAR Hospitality
Traders Go Neta-Hopping To Vent Their Frustrations 23rd-Nov-2016 AHAR Hospitality
No Service Charge On Debit Card And Smartphone Transactions Till December 31 23rd-Nov-2016 AHAR Hospitality
Fast-Food Chains Dish Out Cashless Buying Recipe 22nd-Nov-2016 AHAR Hospitality
FSSAI Reviewing Rules For Food Biz For Effective Compliance 18th-Nov-2016 AHAR Hospitality
Shower Of Fake Notes, Petals In Mumbai Dance Bars 17th-Nov-2016 AHAR Hospitality
BEST's Power Bills To Drop By 35% From November 16th-Nov-2016 AHAR Hospitality
LDF Likely To Go For Pro-Tourism Liquor Policy 7th-Nov-2016 AHAR Hospitality
FSSAI To Spend Rs 482 Cr On Food Testing Infrastructure 4th-Nov-2016 AHAR Hospitality
BEST Looks To Get BMC Support After Withdrawal Of Loss Surcharge 31st-Oct-2016 AHAR Hospitality
'Cheaper Power Tariff To Check BEST Users' Migration To TPC 30th-Oct-2016 AHAR Hospitality
E-Liquor Permit? Nothing To Cheer 26th-Oct-2016 AHAR Hospitality
Now, You Can Obtain Liquor Permit Online 26th-Oct-2016 AHAR Hospitality
Now, All Eyes On BEST To Reduce Power Tariff 23rd-Oct-2016 AHAR Hospitality
Excise Dept Sets Up Control Room For Action Against Plaints 21st-Oct-2016 AHAR Hospitality
MRP Not Must For Water, Beverage Sale: Restaurant Body Cites Court Order 19th-Oct-2016 AHAR Hospitality
Multiplexes, Shops And Eateries Booked For Overcharging People 18th-Oct-2016 AHAR Hospitality
1 Product, Two Prices: 34 Stores Face Music 18th-Oct-2016 AHAR Hospitality
Waiter Who Stole Customer's Credit Cards Nabbed By Alert Bar Manager 15th-Oct-2016
Fine, Jail For Selling Water, Cold Drinks Above MRP 15th-Oct-2016
BEST Not To Collect TDLR From Power Consumers After November Electricity Supply 14th-Oct-2016
Power Users Fight For Refund For BEST's Transport Loss Levy 14th-Oct-2016
Townies Do Not Have To Pay For BEST Bus Losses 14th-Oct-2016
Activist Wants BEST To Return Over Rs. 2800 Cr Taken As TDLR 14th-Oct-2016
South Mumbai Users Being Overcharged For Power? BEST Says No, Committee Says Yes 7th-Oct-2016
Supreme Court Stays Patna HC Order Declaring Liquor Ban In Bihar Unlawful 7th-Oct-2016
Dance Bar Owners Hail Supreme Court Order, Say Will Install CCTVs 22nd-Sept-2016
Despite Supreme Court Ruling, Opening Of Dance Bars May Still Be A Long Wait 22nd-Sept-2016
SC Calls Maharashtra Law Absurd, Allows Booze In Dance Bars 22nd-Sept-2016
CCTV Cameras And Liquor Ban In Dance Bars Regressive: SC 21st-Sept-2016
No Liquor Rule Absurd, CCTV Regressive, Says Supreme Court On Dance Bars 21st-Sept-2016
Maharashtra's Dance Bars Need Not Implement New 'CCTV Supervision' Law, SC Says 21st-Sept-2016
18 Months On, Tainted Maha Excise Official & Wife Booked In Assets Case 3rd-Sept-2016
X@#*@! Why Indian Restaurants Are Yelling Back At Negative Online Reviewers 1st-Sept-2016
All Three Dance Bar Licences Awarded In May Revoked  31st-Aug-2016
Supreme Court Favours Ban On Showering Money On Bar Girls 31st-Aug-2016
Excise Dept Moots Online Liquor Permits For Transparency 29th-Aug-2016
GST Will Make Eating Out Even More Expensive, Warn Hoteliers 27th-Aug-2016
The Times Group 'Food Below Rs. 10 Should Be Tax-Free Under GST' 25th-Aug-2016
West Bengal Is Officially Ending Dry Days Across The State  23rd-Aug-2016
Dry Days Reduced From 12 to 4.5 In West Bengal 23rd-Aug-2016
Alcoholic drinks May Get Dearer As Sellers Asked To Pay Tax On Licence Fee 20th-Aug-2016
Refund Money Collected As Transport Loss Surcharge 18th-July-2016
There's More To The Ling's Pavilion Story Of Allegedly Being Forced To Serve Maharashtrian Food 16th-July-2016
Now, You Can Store 48 Beer Bottles At Home Every Month 14th-July-2016
Fast Food Cos Try Out Discount Recipe 13th-July-2016
Exclusive Chinese Eatery In SoBo Now Made To Dish Out Maharashtrian Food 11th-July-2016
Fat Tax May Prod Indians To Eat Healthy, Say Doctors 10th-July-2016
In A First, Kerala Imposes 14.5% 'Fat Tax' On Junk Food 8th-July-2016
Govt Dampens The Spirit With Move To Tax Liquor Traders 6th-July-2016
BMC To Rebuild 'Illegal' Part Of A Cafe It Pulled Down Despite Stay 6th-July-2016
Hotels Not Keeping Fire Extinguishers Are Death Traps HC 5th-July-2016
Mani's Lunch Home in Matunga Shuts Down 2nd-July-2016
Pay Wages Over 3,000 Through Cheques Or Bank Accounts 30th-June-2016
FSSAI Frames Safety Standards For Alcoholic Drinks In India 26th-June-2016
49 Establishments Penalised For Selling Water, Drinks Over MRP 25th-June-2016
GST May Make Restaurants, Movies, Malls Cheaper 17th-June-2016
Police Chief Assures 'Right To Privacy' During Hotel Raids 8th-June-2016
Rescued Bar Girl Says: Let Me Work Again 27th-May-2016
I see Nothing Wrong In Dancing In Bars: Girl's Plea 27th-May-2016
Maharashtra May Junk Archaic Permit For Boozing 26th-May-2016
Dance Bars Won't Sway To Govt Tunes, Want SC Clarity 22nd-May-2016
With Raid Footage, State May Press For Stricter Vigil On Dance Bars In SC 21st-May-2016
Dance Bars Can't Operate Without Implementing Every Rule, Says CM 17th-May-2016
FSSAI Now Adds Restaurant Hygiene To Its Menu 14th-May-2016
Ministry Of Road Transport Amends Motor Vehicle Rules To Allow Food Containers On Motor Cycles 14th-May-2016
Three Dance Bars Receive Conditional Licence From Mumbai Police 13th-May-2016
Let 3 Licensed Dance Bars Function, Put Strict Compliance On Hold: SC 13th-May-2016
3 Dance Bars Get Licences, Govt To Appeal In SC Again 13th-May-2016
Dance Bar Licences Today, Shows To Start A Week Later 12th-May-2016
City Cops To Give Licences For 8 Dance Bars Today 12th-May-2016
Draft DP Will 'Allow' Rooftop Restaurant  11th-May-2016
Centre Sops To Homestays Upset Hoteliers 11th-May-2016
BMC Paves The Way For Rooftop Restaurants 11th-May-2016
Employees' Criminal Records May Derail Licences For Dance Bars 8th-May-2016
Forget Prohibition, Karnataka Will Penalise If You Don't Drink 6th-May-2016
Byculla Restaurant Cuts Down Water Usage By 45000 Litres 2nd-May-2016
Activists May Move Court To Seek TDLR Refund 29th-April-2016
SC Hauls Up Govt For Delaying Tactics On Dance Bar Licences 26th-April-2016
Better To Dance In Bars Than Beg On Streets, SC Tells State 26th-April-2016
SC Pulls Up Maharashtra Govt For Not Granting Licence To Dance Bars 25th-April-2016
London's First Naked Restaurant To Open In June 22nd-April-2016
Pre-Poll 'Power' Game? SoBo's Bills To Come Down 22nd-April-2016
Dance Bar Patrons Risk Fine And 6-Month Jail If They Shake A Leg 20th-April-2016
Vasai Hoteliers Close Shop For Freeloading Cops 20th-April-2016
Water Cut In Navi Mumbai Up To 40%, Thane's 60% To Worsen 19th-April-2016
SC: Dance Bars Owners Have Fundamental Right To Run Biz 19th-April-2016
State Govt Cant Refuse Licences To Dance Bars, Says Apex Court 19th-April-2016
Hotels Urge Govt To Bring Veg-Only Culinary Courses 17th-April-2016
Water Level In 91 Reservoirs Falls To Less Than 23% Capacity 15th-April-2016
'Food Inspector' Who Charged Restaurants Rs 3000 For Tests Held 14th-April-2016
Don't Fill Glasses With Water, Says Hotelier's Body 13th-April-2016
Food Regulator Wants Excise Inspectors To Check Food Quality Too  13th-April-2016
AHAR To Move SC Against ‘Impractical’ Bill 13th-April-2016
Cabinet Decides To Amend BMC Act, Move Set To Favour Tenants 13th-April-2016
New Law Soon To Protect Tenants From Rogue Landlords 12th-April-2016
Maharashtra Okays New Dance Bar Bill 12th-April-2016
Maharashtra Legislative Council Clears Dance Bar Bill 11th-April-2016
Dance Bar Bill May Reach Maha Houses Next Week 8th-April-2016
Tadka Of A Different Kind 7th-April-2016
Mumbaikars Cheated By Former BEST GM For Transport Divisions Loss Recovery Claims A Petitioner 6th-April-2016
'Talibanism' Fears As Bar Owners Face New Fight 3rd-April-2016
If Dance In Bar Arouses Sexual Feelings, It's Obscene: Draft Bill 3rd-April-2016
State To The Aid Of BEST, All Power Consumers 31st-March-2016
Far-From-Schools Norms For Dance Bars Will Hit Permit Rooms 31st-March-2016
'Self-Regulation' To Be The New Mantra For Country's Food Security 31st-March-2016
Model Rent Control Law To Bring Relief To Owners Of Prime Properties 31st-March-2016
Maharashtra Plans New Law With Stringent Conditions On Dance Bars 30th-March-2016
TLDR Surcharge To Stay In Power Bills 29th-March-2016
Police To Inspect Dance Bars Before Giving Licences 23rd-March-2016
Courts Had Quashed RR Ban Plans 21st-March-2016
State Will Tell Bars: Can't Mix Drinks And Dance 21st-March-2016
Eating At Restaurants To Burn Bigger Hole In Your Pockets 20th-March-2016
4 Cops Who Cleared Dance Bar Licences Suspended 19th-March-2016
Jeering Inspectors Uninvited Guests At Unopened Dance Bars 17th-March-2016
150 Dance Bars Await Fresh Permits 16th-March-2016
11 Years After Ban, 4 Dance Bars Get Permits, May Open Next Week 16th-March-2016
Mumbai Dance Bar License: Police Analysing The Applications, License To Be Issued Soon 15th-March-2016
Licence To Dance: Mumbai Bar Dancers May Soon Be On Floor 15th-March-2016
Police Raids Cannot Violate Privacy: HC 11th-March-2016
Dance Bar Issue, A Legal Battle Now: Devendra Fadnavis 11th-March-2016
Six Days To Deadline, No Sign Of Dance Bar Licences Being Renewed 10th-March-2016
1 Product & 2 MRPs, LMO Writes To Delhi Office 9th-March-2016
Let Suburbs Also Bear Power Surcharge: BEST 9th-March-2016
Bill Against Dance Bars During Sessions, Says Fadnavis 9th-March-2016
Foodpanda India Aims To Break Even In A Couple Of Months 9th-March-2016
Maharashtra Government Plans New Legislation To Regulate Dance Bars 9th-March-2016
City Bakers Raise Price Of Bread By Up To 20%  8th-March-2016
BMC To Serve Eviction Shock To Food Stalls 7th-March-2016
Day After SC Order On Dance Bars, State Plans Strict Laws To Ensure No Obscenity 4th-March-2016
All 350 Dance Bars Vow To Get Back Their Licences  4th-March-2016
Give Licenses To Dance Bars In 10 Days: SC To State 3rd-March-2016
Supreme Court To Maharashtra Govt: Grant License To Dance Bars By March 15 2nd-March-2016
BMC Decides To Scrap Gradation Of Restaurants 1st-March-2016
Bars Will No More Need Liquor Licence From BMC 1st-March-2016
Ease Of Biz: Now, Opening Eateries In City Gets Easier 27th-Feb-2016
NOCs Slashed For Hotels, Restaurants & Medical Stores 27th-Feb-2016
Won't Dance To Cops' Tunes, Say Bar Owners 26th-Feb-2016
'Regressive' Curbs Violate Bar Patrons' Privacy 25th-Feb-2016
Don't Put Absurd Curbs On Dance Bars: SC To State 25th-Feb-2016
Liquor License Fee For Big Pvt Parties Hiked 24th-Feb-2016
IMFL, Beer Prices Set To Go Up Steeply 19th-Feb-2016
Liquor Producers May Pass On Hike 19th-Feb-2016
BEST Power Consumers May Pay Transport Loss Recovery Surcharge For Four More Years 16th-Feb-2016
Tawa Keeping Dosa Prices Up: RBI Guv 15th-Feb-2016
Why Dosa Prices Not Down? Rajan Blames It On Tawa 14th-Feb-2016
Tenants Wage Ownership War After Battle Against Rent Hike 8th-Feb-2016
If Taxed Rationally, Beer Will Wean People Away From Hard Liquor 8th-Feb-2016
Indian Tipplers Cold To Beer As 93% Of Alcohol Consumed Is Hard Liqour  8th-Feb-2016
Now, No Police Licence Needed For Hotels, Bars        31st-Jan-2016
Easy To Set Up A Restaurant, State Cuts 5 Permissions 31st-Jan-2016
Heavyweight BJP MLAs Throw Lot Behind Tenants Over Rent Act Plan 25th-Jan-2016
Taxes Killing Business As Well As Social Security 25th-Jan-2016
More Tipplers Drink At Home To Save On Taxes 25th-Jan-2016
Tenants Are Vulnerable To Eviction Under New Rent Law 15th-Jan-2016
Tenants Of Big, Old Flats Face 200-Times Rent Hike 15th-Jan-2016
Rent Move May Hit SoBo Hotels Too 15th-Jan-2016
Liquor Laws: In Case Of Insolvency, Break Glass 12th-Jan-2016
Zomato Shuts Online Ordering In 4 Cities 11th-Jan-2016
Faulty Power Meter? No Metrology Dept Support For BEST Consumers 11th-Jan-2016
AHAR Welcomes PAN; Must For Hotel Bill Cash Payment 5th-Jan-2016
Kolkata Has Fattest Food Orders Online 2nd-Jan-2016
Eateries, Bars' Dec 31 Earnings Halve in '15 1st-Jan-2016
Privacy Concerns May Keep Citizens Away From Bars, Hotels With CCTV 30th-Dec-2015
Bars, Hotels In City Told To Install CCTV 30th-Dec-2015
SC Upholds Kerala's New Liquor Policy 29th-Dec-2015
Know Party Rules For A Fun New Year's Eve  29th-Dec-2015
Mumbai Police Reject 34 Applications 24th-Dec-2015
CM Reiterates Stand Against Dance Bars In Assembly 24th-Dec-2015
Cops Impose Riders For Bars, Hotels To Stay Open Till 5am 23rd-Dec-2015
CCTVs Cameras To Monitor Christmas Revelry In SoBo 23rd-Dec-2015
Bars, Pubs To Stay Open Till 5am On Dec 25, 26, Jan 1 21st-Dec-2015
State Issues 26 Riders To Watch Every Step Dance Bars Take 21st-Dec-2015
Maharashtra Govt Plans In 'Dilemma' Over Demand For Liquor Ban Dec 24 21st-Dec-2015
No Police Nod: Move Aimed At Ending Graft 20th-Dec-2015
Dance Bars: State Plans Its Move Before SC Hearing 18th-Dec-2015
State Government May Force City Bars To Dance To Its Tune 15th-Dec-2015
Live Telecast From All Dance Bars To Nearest Police Station 15th-Dec-2015
Ban Liquor To Stop Dance Bars: Cong 8th-Dec-2015
Will Continue Fight For Dance Bar Ban: RR Kin 6th-Dec-2015
When Dance Bars Return, Good Old Fun Will Be Gone 6th-Dec-2015
Hotels, Bars Can Renew Licences Once In 5 years 6th-Dec-2015
4 Civic Officials Suspended Over City Kinara Fire 2nd-Dec-2015
Govt Rules Out Ban On Liquor In Maharashtra 28th-Nov-2015
Maharashtra Govt Plans Killjoy Rules In A Bid To Kill Off Dance Bars 28th-Nov-2015
We Respect Court Order But Will Continue To Fight For Ban, Says CM 27th-Nov-2015
State Firm On Ban, CM To 'Explore Legal Options' 27th-Nov-2015
Govt Cant Deny Right To Carry On A Business: SC 27th-Nov-2015
SC Slams Maharashtra Govt For Dragging Feet On Dance Bars 27th-Nov-2015
State Mulls Over Riders: CCTVs, No Money Showering 27th-Nov-2015
Grant Licences To Dance Bars In 2 Weeks: SC 26th-Nov-2015
Dance Bars Should Face An Equal Music, Police Tell BMC  16th-Nov-2015
First-Gen Foodpreneurs Pack Old Vada In New Pav 13th-Nov-2015
AHAR Writes To BMC Commissioner Against Hotel Raids 3rd-Nov-2015
Row Over Mumbai Ward Offices Listing Hawking Zones Without Notifying Scheme 29th-Oct-2015
BMC Decides To Simplify Norms After Kinara Blaze 28th-Oct-2015
Mumbai Restaurateurs To Seek Removal Of 8 Nodes Right Away 27th-Oct-2015
Action Against Joints On, But BMC For Easing Licence Raj 27th-Oct-2015
Expensive Pulses Knocks Off Sambar From Hotel Menus 26th-Oct-2015
No More Hot Street Food As HC Bans Roadside Cooking 24th-Oct-2015
Hawkers To Move HC On Roadside Cooking Ban 24th-Oct-2015
HC: Evict Hawkers Who Set Up Shop After May 1, 2015 24th-Oct-2015
BMC Action Continues, Restaurateurs Cry Foul 23rd-Oct-2015
Sr BMC Officers Roped Into Hotel Crackdown 23rd-Oct-2015
Serve Notice Before Taking Action: Hotels 22nd-Oct-2015
ED Attaches 70cr Investments Of Music Company Over Graft Claims 21st-Oct-2015
BMC Inspects Over 225 Eateries 21st-Oct-2015
Street Food Vendors Can't Cook On Roadside, Says Delhi Government 20th-Oct-2015
BMC Sets Up Squads To Survey Eateries In Each Ward, Prevent Future Kinaras 18th-Oct-2015
Civic Body To Zero In On 'Pro' Complainants 16th-Oct-2015
SC Lifts Ban On Dance Bars But Warns Against Obscenity 16th-Oct-2015
Final Decision On Mumbai Dance Bars Ban To Be Taken On November 5  15th-Oct-2015
Amend RTI Act, Put Info In Public Domain: CIC 15th-Oct-2015
SC Allows Dance Bars To Reopen In Maharashtra 15th-Oct-2015
Increase In Time Charge On Packaged Food RTI Dominate Maharashtra Hotels 13th-Oct-2015
Hoteliers Join Hands To Oppose Taxes, Permits 10th-Oct-2015
Police To Crack Down on Bars That Serve Booze To Minors 10th-Oct-2015
Food Delivery Startups Feel The Heat 9th-Oct-2015
Govt Not To Make Non-Veg Cooking Optional In Hotel Management Courses 3rd-Oct-2015
Autocratic FSSAI Acting At Behest Of Corporates, Claim Trade Bodies 2nd-Oct-2015
Drought Tax Will Backfire; Free Up Locked Funds, Cut Expenses Instead 1st-Oct-2015
CBI Inquiry Against Food Authority Sought 1st-Oct-2015
BMC's Encroachment Drive Against Hotels 29th-Sept-2015
Gujarat Accords Industry Status To Tourism 28th-Sept-2015
State Unlocks Agri, NDZ Land For Luxury Hotels 26th-Sept-2015
State Considers Slashing Hotel Permissions From 71 to 21 25th-Sept-2015
Explain Under Which Law Hotels Were Raided 23rd-Sept-2015
Taxman To Grab A 14% Bite From Your Home Delivered Food 21st-Sept-2015
Don't Levy Higher Cable TV Fee For Hotels 19th-Sept-2015
E-Coli Bacteria In 200 of 600 Street Food Samples 17th-Sept-2015
Abattoirs Shut But Supply Of Meat Won't Be Hit On Sept 17 16th-Sept-2015
It's Takeaway But Service Tax Still Biting Customers 13th-Sept-2015
A Kitchen Where Machine Can Whip Up 2,000 Dishes 11th-Sept-2015
Fully Automated Restaurant In US 10th-Sept-2015
Online Food Delivery Biz In 2014 At Rs.350 Crore 9th-Sept-2015
BEST Monopoly Over City's Power Supply May End Soon 9th-Sept-2015
Hotels, Restaurants Can Continue Serving Meat During Ban Period 9th-Sept-2015
Supreme Court For Ban On Liquor Shops Along Highways 9th-Sept-2015
200 Year Old Swiss Vegetarian Restaurant Serves India On It's Plate With Palak Paneer On The Menu 7th-Sept-2015
The 21 Year Old Building India's Largest Hotel Network 6th-Sept-2015
Government Must Pay For Officer's Negligence 6th-Sept-2015
HC To Cops: Don't Invade Privacy Of Innocent Persons 3rd-Sept-2015
Terrace Restaurants May Arrive In Delhi 30th-Aug-2015
Now You Can Stock Up 12 Liquor Bottles 29th-Aug-2015
Burger King To McDonald's: Let's Make Peace Burger 26th-Aug-2015
Employing Juvenile For Cleaning Tables In Restaurants Not An Offense As It's Not Hazardous, Says Kerala HC 25th-Aug-2015
SC Rap To FSSAI: New Food Items May Hit Shelves 20th-Aug-2015
FSSAI Now Gets SC Stick For 'Banning' Food Supplements 20th-Aug-2015
FSSAI Has No Legal Power To Issue Advisory, Say SC 20th-Aug-2015

Fatehsingh Fails To Hold Fort, Nanded Stint Awaits Him


PIl Filed Against Cops For Hotel Raids


PIL claims Malwani raids violated ‘right to privacy’


Freedom 2015? Maharashtra may junk daily bar permits

'Moral' Police Raid Fear Hits Tamil Nadu Pub Spirit 14th-Aug-2015
Moral Police On Leash, Thanks To Social Media 14th-Aug-2015
Police Raids On Hotels In Madh Hit Business Hard 13th-Aug-2015
CCTV Footage Shows Two Police Informers Leading Raid: Hotelier 11th-Aug-2015
Maharashtra Excise Department Seizes Vehicle Carrying Ilegal Liquor 11th-Aug-2015
Madh Complaints Came From  MLA, Public: Cops 11th-Aug-2015
Archaic Laws, Regressive Mindset Of Cops To Blame 11th-Aug-2015
Maria Pulls Up Cops Over Hotel Raids 11th-Aug-2015
If Two Consenting Adults Are In A Room, Then It Is None Of Our Business: Maria 10th-Aug-2015
Twitterati Slams Rounding-Up Of Couples From Hotel Rooms 9th-Aug-2015
Why 'Model' Town Of Kharghar Holds On To Its Alcohol Ban 9th-Aug-2015
Cops Pick Up Couples From Hotel Rooms, Charge Them With 'Indecency In Public' 8th-Aug-2015
10% Import Duty On Wheat To Hit Food Companies 8th-Aug-2015
CRPF Bans Liquor For Personnel 7th-Aug-2015
No Clean Chit To Maggi, FSSAI Clarifies 6th-Aug-2015
FM:By Blocking GST, Is Congress ASking For Liquor To Be Cheaper? 5th-Aug-2015

A Burger Joint That Is Iran's Answer To McDonald's


Haldiram Snacks Safe, No Lead, Bacteria: Maharashtra FDA


Stem This Rot Now


Liquor ‘Essential Commodity’ For Chennai Citizens, Can’t Close Shops For Kalam’s Funeral


GST Bill Unlikely To Make It Through Disrupted Parliament


Drug Abuse In Kerala Increases After Closure Of Bars: Kerala Home Minister


Foodpanda May Pick Up Stake In TinyOwl

Excise Department Busts Country Liquor Duplication Unit 26th-July-2015

CRPF Fears Impact Of Liquor On Troops Health, Bans Open Purchase


After Beef, Maharashtra Government May Go For Complete Liquor Ban


Illuminated Signboards To Light Up Mumbai's Shops?

Don't Write On Banknotes, RBI Tells Public 16th-July-2015
Service Charge By Hotels Not Levied By Govt: FinMin 14th-July-2015
FSSAI Sets 12000 Standards For Food Additives And Ingredients 13th-July-2015
UK Bar To Let You 'Drink' With Your Lungs And Eyes 12th-July-2015

Small Service Providers On Tax Radar


BMC Hits Upon Idea to ‘Crush’ Illegal Hawking


Engineer Caught Accepting Rs1 Lakh Bribe.

Restaurants Work On Safe Delivery To Keep Biz Alive After 72 Year Old's Murder 8th-July-2015

Food regulator has created an environment of fear, Union minister Harsimrat Badal says

Restaurants Work On Safe Delivery To Keep Biz Alive After 72 Year Old's Murder 8th-July-2015
Global Food Safety Rules To Be Revised 8th-July-2015
Hooch Being Sold In Your Area? Message Cops On Whatsapp 4th-July-2015
More Than 600 Litres Of Hooch Seized In City: Police 4th-July-2015
Ex-Director Alleges No-Transparency In Food Authority's Approval Panel 4th-July-2015
Food Industry Is Facing Blackmail By NGOs Too 4th-July-2015
Inspector Raid Alert Eating Up Food Industry 4th-July-2015
Maggi Gets Nod In Canada 3rd-July-2015
Canada Becomes The 5th Country To Find Maggi Safe 3rd-July-2015

Two Youths Nabbed For Extortion

Notice To Centre On Graft In Apex Food Regulator 1st-July-2015
FSSAI To Certify Your Booze As Safe For Consumption 25th-June-2015
High Tax On Liquor Pushing People Towards Moonshine 21st-June-2015


Withdraw New Rent Act Or Face Protests 29th-May-2015
Island City Tenants To Hit Streets If Rents Are Hiked 29th-May-2015
Mere Possession Of Fake Notes Is Not An Offense 29th-May-2015

7K hotels agree to serve Maharashtrian food


Restaurateurs to serve maharashtrian dishes


Soon Maha cuisine on all hotel menus

'Inflated' Piped Gas Meters In Restaurants And Hotels Sealed 20th-May-2015
Rent Act Change Is In Builder's Interest:Congress 19th-May-2015

Indians drinking alcohol up 55% in 20 years


'Altered' draft housing policy raises concerns in Mumbai


Cabinet alters Child Labour Act


Stringent Juvenile Act Puts Hotels In Soup For Hiring Minors


How To Protect Your Assets From Natural Disasters


Fewer Indians Pocket Hotel Freebies.

Foodpanda Raises $00m, Led By Goldman Sachs 2nd-May-201
Maharashtra Government Decides To Amend Rent Control Act  1st-May-2015
No Need For Price Hike, Say Many Eateries 30th-April-2015
Why Do 5-Star Hotels Get To Serve Liquor: SC To Kerala 30th-April-2015
Hotels and Eateries Hike Food & Liquor Prices By 10%-20% 28th-April-2015
Paella on your plate  26th-April-2015
Eateries Urge trails for 24 hours service 26th-April-2015
Restaurants Join The Dots. 26th-April-2015
Article by President Shri. Adarsh Shetty in Hindustan Times. 24th-April-2015

Coming Home To Piping Hot Dinner In Dabbas No Longer A Dream


Open Air Fare


Keep Calm And Kairi On


Of Tacos And Tamales.


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2. Swimming Pool License.

3. Place Of Public Entertainment License [PPEL-A]

4. Place Of Public Entertainment License [PPEL-B]

5. Performance License.




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