Court Orders / Judgement



Dance Bar SC Order Dated 11.01.2017


AHAR Hospitality

Supreme Court Order Banning Liquor Vends On Highways


AHAR Hospitality

Representation to Ministry Regarding Government Notification On Service Charges


AHAR Hospitality

Supreme Court Order On Ban On Liquor Sale On Highways


AHAR Hospitality

Digital Signature & KYC Mandatory


AHAR Hospitality

Account Payee Cheques Only


AHAR Hospitality

Supreme Court Order In Dance Bar On 2.3.2016


AHAR Hospitality

ICICI Bank Glowsign Judgement


AHAR Hospitality

Neon Sign Judgement


AHAR Hospitality

Don't Levy Higher Cable TV Fee For Hotels


Mere Possession Of Fake Notes Is Not An Offense


Parking - No Rigid But Flexible


Bombay High Court Order on Sign Board Dated 17/09/2014 



Kerala HC Order on Service Tax Appeal (WA 1125 of 2013) order dated 21/10/2014



Kerala HC Order on Service Tax Appeal (WA 1207 of 2013) order dated 21/10/2014



Bombay HC Order on Dry Day on Election Result day (WP 9342 of 2014) dated 10.10.2014



TRAI Consulting Paper - June 2014



 Judgement on VAT



Service Tax on PARTLY AC Restaurants ~ Clarifications



Order on Serivce Tax by Bombay High Court - 8th April 2014



Car Parking Orders



Dance Bar judgement



Dhule Jaiswal Police Interference Case 



Hawkers Judgement



Mathura Bhavan (Child Labour)



Minimum Wages Judgement Nagpur



Minimum Wages Judgement Kirloskar



Minimum Wages Stay Order



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37th Annual Reports and Accounts 


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 Restaurant Business Exhibition


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Police NOCs Not Required For The Following:


1. Eating House Registration Certificate.

2. Swimming Pool License.

3. Place Of Public Entertainment License [PPEL-A]

4. Place Of Public Entertainment License [PPEL-B]

5. Performance License.




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Court Verdicts On Sign Boards

Court Order On Grinding Machine

TRAI Notifications


Child Labour Matters

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