The Science of Structuring Your Restaurant Menu Right


It is often believed that first impression is the last impression. It has been scientifically proved that people judge a thing within 4 seconds of seeing it based on its looks. This impression massively affects their.. Continue Reading

Table Tablet Menu Technology in Restaurant


Technology touches every facet of our lives. The way computers changed the business operations, social media networks and chatting application changed the way used to communicate, mobile, tablets and smart phones changed the way we find and read news or other content. Now, we are living in era of ever connect smart phones and mobile devices. More and more people are connected to their smart phones... Continue Reading


How to Grow Your Restaurant Business Using Online Listing


Internet has changed the world and how people use internet to find information has changed the dynamics of business. Now everyone wants information at their fingertips simply at click of a button. These young, modern and energetic... Continue Reading


Meeting With Shri. Gopal Shetty, MP


A delegation of AHAR met Shri Gopal Shetty, MP  and presented him with the Suggestions of Hotel industry of Maharashtra. AHAR briefed him about the draconian Food Safety... Continue Reading


Why Restaurants in Mumbai are shutting down?


Most of the Restaurants Businesses in Mumbai have taken a severe hit and dramatically gone below the profit margin. Most hoteliers fear their business is past the... Continue Reading



5 Branding Tips for Small Restaurants. 


Have you ever wondered why customers prefer spending hundred of rupees for a Domino's pizza but frown when asked to pay only a hundred for a rice plate at a South Indian hotel? In 2014, with more international joints opening franchises in India, the brand image of a restaurant has taken center stage... Continue Reading 



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1. Eating House Registration Certificate.

2. Swimming Pool License.

3. Place Of Public Entertainment License [PPEL-A]

4. Place Of Public Entertainment License [PPEL-B]

5. Performance License.




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