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AHAR - Indian Hotel & Restaurant Association was started by a group of hoteliers to safe guard their interest and unite the hoteliers under one umbrella for mutual benefit in 1979. Shri Datta Kadam was the first President of the Association with membership of around 250 hoteliers. The strength of the membership grew year by year and at present it is the largest Association of Hotels & Restaurants in India with more than 7,500 Hoteliers/Restaurateurs  in Greater Mumbai along with a number of sister associations, affiliates and other associations throughout the country.

The Association began in a small rented place at Worli, subsequently shifted to Shivaji Park, Dadar. In 2005, the Association office was shifted to its own premise at Shreeram Industrial Estate, G. D. Ambekar Marg, Wadala, Mumbai


AHAR has geared itself to pick up the gaunlet to face the challenges in the face of adversity. AHAR, for its members today spells... Total Involvement, Inspiration & Integrity!




The vision of AHAR is to create a strong lobby of hoteliers and restaurateur to solve its problems and issues at various government and semi-government levels. The motto behind formation AHAR is uniting all the hoteliers to create a feeling of Brotherhood and Integrity.



To bring all the small, medium, large eateries and hotels under one platform, fight for their rights and against injustice, make them aware of the basic rules and regulation and updating the same and assist them to run their business smoothly.


Segment Represented

Udupi  Type restaurants            -  40%

Permit Rooms & Beer bars      -  25%

Fine Dining                                  - 20%

Pubs                                             -   5%

Star Hotels                                  -   5%

Others ( Corporate)                   -   5%


Working of Association


AHAR haw 10 Zones spread over the Greater Mumbai. Each Zone is headed by a Vice President. The Managing Committee is elected in a democratic way every year through an election process.                                                                                                                                                                           

The Office Bearers includes the Presidents, 10 Vice Presidents, Hon. Gen. Secretary, Hon. Jt. Secretary, Hon. Treasure and Hon Jt. Treasurer.

The Ex Presidents are the Advisors to the Association providing their valuable guidance for the smooth functioning of the Association whenever required.

AHAR has various sub committees like Police, Excise, MCGM, Media, Promotion, Membership drive etc. Each committee is headed by an expert member on the subject and he is always ready to guide and attend to the problems faced by the members. The Retired officials of various departments and related fields are also enrolled in the Panel of Consultants for their guidance/suggestions etc in various matters.


AHAR Always Support it Members

  • Through various Sub-committees with Experienced Hoteliers, Consultants and Experts able to attend the grievances of Hoteliers in MCGM, Police, Excise and strive to solve their grievances.
  • Professional Consultants appointed by AHAR for VAT, Labour, Excise, Police matters to address, guide and solve various problems faced by the hotelier members.
  • Supporting NGO like City Space for fighting against unhygienic road side cooking, Prabhodhini Nagarik Seva for awareness of AIDS, National Association of Blind for helping the blind & eye care, Karnataka Sports Club for different sports event for the benefit of hotel employees.
  • Arranging various Knowledge gaining Workshop/Seminars etc. for the benefit of the Hoteliers and their employees in various aspects pertaining to the hospitality industry.
  • Coordination with all the statutory authorities like MCGM, Police, Excise etc. for smooth functioning.
  • Distribution of coins from RBI through Private and Public sector banks to the hoteliers through out the city and had resulted in solving the coin shortage problem.

  • Filed many Cases in High Court and Supreme Court in various matters affecting the interest of the hotel industry. Many cases have resulted in positive verdict.
  • Special workshops cum training in food handling, hygiene and nutrition for the benefit of Hoteliers and their employees with tie-ups with educational institutions.
  • Creating awareness among members through  in-house publications of quarterly Magazine ‘AHAR Hospitality’ and Monthly News Bulletin “AHAR Connect” to guide the members to be on the right side of the law. This Magazines and Bulletins are distributed to all the members free of cost. These publications contains the latest news, change in law, rules, New GR, New Notification etc from various departments to the knowledge of the members.
  • Through efforts of AHAR many Hotels closed due to the rigid and wrong application of law provisions were challenged and the hotels were reopened enabling the hotelier to earn his livelihood.
  • Through the efforts of AHAR Business promotion committee able to get the same trade discounts offered to the wholesale dealer to the members of AHAR through various tie ups.
  • Tie up with various agencies/vendors like mobile service providers, computers, insurance and financial products, kitchen equipments etc at a heavy discounted rate for the members of AHAR.
  • Representations made to various Govt. agencies against policies and harassment by their Officials. Also submitting the suggestions for modifications of rules in the interest of the hotel industry.
  • Filed many Cases in High Court and Supreme Court in various matters affecting the interest of the hotel industry. Many cases have resulted in positive verdict.


Our Endevour

  • To provide the hygienic, nutritious food to the patrons at affordable rate through our member hoteliers.

  • To keep a clean, hygienic environment with good ambience in our member establishments.

  • To provide food, shelter and accommodation to the poor and needy persons through employment irrespective of caste, creed and religious and groom them in various departments of hotel and giving them opportunity to establish themselves.

  • To develop the hotel industry along with the changing time and equip them to face the changing scenario through innovations and improvisation.

  • To develop the hotel industry along with the changing time and equip them to face the changing scenario through innovations and improvisation.

  • To provide valid suggestions to various government and local bodies in various rules and regulations based on experiences for betterment of the Society.

  • Providing the competitive and reasonable offers to the members through negotiations with the vendors connected to the hospitality industry.


Challenges Ahead

  • To safe guard the members from the wrong application of laws by the NGOs and Police particularly in Child Labour case.

  • To modify the decades old Government, Semi Government laws and rules and regulations still not amended to suit the present scenario.

  • To abolish the unnecessary Licenses, NOCs, Permits, Certificates etc needed to be obtained for running a Restaurant/Hotel by petitioning the Government and relevant bureaucrats time and again.


Social Commitment

  • To provide the free medical assistance through check up camps collaborating with the leading Charitable Association for the benefit of the hotel employees in particular and public in general.

  • To support the events conducted by various NGOs to spread AIDS Awareness among hotel, canteen employees.

  • To support the children of the employees in their education through cash awards.

  • Conducting various sports meet through other sporting organization to inculcate the spirit of fitness and sportsmanship.

  • To support in case of calamity, drought through financial support to the Chief Minister’s Relief Funds

  • Supplying  food packets, beverages  in any case of any emergency like July 2005 floods, 26/11/2008 terrorist shoot outs, not only to the victims but also to the Police, Railway and other authorities who are doing their duty.

  • Honouring and recognizing the people who had sacrificed their happiness for the safety of this city like Mumbai Fire Brigade, Mumbai Police etc in various Monthly Meetings.

  • Supporting the Smoke Free Environment in Mumbai through ACT India by Ban on smoking in the Hotels & Restaurants.

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Police NOCs Not Required For The Following:


1. Eating House Registration Certificate.

2. Swimming Pool License.

3. Place Of Public Entertainment License [PPEL-A]

4. Place Of Public Entertainment License [PPEL-B]

5. Performance License.




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